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Coffee Masters since 1958

Bocca della Verità is a family business that has been selecting and roasting coffee since 1958. At that time, a little boy played in the facilities of a humble roaster in Rome, Italy, surrounded by roasting machines, silos, mills, bags of coffee beans, scales and that deep aroma of green and roasted coffee, which impregnated walls, floors, his hands and clothes, as much as those of his parents. There in the long winter evenings he dreamed of being a great Coffee Master when he grew up, creating his own blends until getting everyone to be amazed and in love with coffee, as much as his family was.

The family in the factory, year 1958

Group with 64 years of experience in the sector

Fruit of this childhood dream, and after many years continuing the family business, roasting coffee for very important clients in the sector, is now a highly respected professional who has managed to significantly expand the original business model, coming into share ownership of farmland on three continents and incorporating companies, valuable Professionals from the world of machinery, technology and coffee substitute products such as tea or soluble coffee. Years later, he found his opportunity and created his own brand, Italian coffee Bocca della Verità, founding a small company that is integrated into his business group, chosen to market its own lines of special products y masterful elaborations of the coffee master himself.


You will also find the quality of our raw material in the personalized treatment and advice that we offer daily, in our distribution service reliable and immediate, and within the qualified technical team with proven experience that makes up Italian coffee Bocca Della Verità.


  • Wide range of green coffee to roast adaptable to the format you prefer.
  • All accessories necessary for the coffee service
  • Professional coffee machines and coffee grinders
  • 24h Technical Service.
  • Venue decoration to the client's taste with our particular imprint, by our Design Department.

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We invite you to contact us and explore the possibility of accessing our offers for large purchases of magnificent coffee with the greatest flexibility on the market.

We offer a constant supply throughout the year of large quantities of green coffee, roasted, whole or ground, as well as prepared to encapsulate in the compatible capsule of your choice, and all this, at very competitive prices since we own everything. the process, from field to cup. 

Wholesale Coffee

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The process

Map of plantations of our Italian coffee and the places where it is sold

Presence in the world

  • Master coffee blends made by our master coffee maker, with all the family experience in Rome Italy.
  • 18 own coffee farms in the 3 continents.
  • Located in the best areas for growing coffee.
  • Sale in more than 8 European countries.
  • Number 1 products in sales throughout Europe.
  • Over 40 types of flavors and formats, including coffee, tea and instant drinks.

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It is to share with the whole world the passion for Italian coffee, spreading its particular style and culture.


It is to bring the true culture of coffee to the whole world, revealing all its magic, its secrets of sustainability and respecting the environment.


We constantly expand our range of products to give the best response to market demand and we present our coffee in the most demanded formats in each country.


Our professionals with extensive experience streamline our activity every day. We are looking for people who are passionate about their work and seek to contribute so that the company can continue leading the italian coffee culture to all corners of the world.

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Search for the product you want through `` Filter``


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Fill out our form and we will contact you.

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