Characteristics of our coffee machines

  • The Coffee Makers of Bocca della Verità sound 100% Italian design. Made entirely in Italy.
  • Limited and numbered edition with a certificate from the designer Gianluca Sebastiani.
  • ESE 44mm Universal Capsule Coffee Maker
  • Anti-scale spiral
  • GHA Antical Treatment
  • Aluminum heat exchanger with excellent thermal stability in coffee extraction.
  • Absorption power of only 450W with a working temperature of 98 ° C.
  • Solenoid valve 3-way loading / unloading.
  • Vertical closing group to give the machine greater stability when closing the group.
  • Patented compensator, located at the bottom, which allows effortless closing and constant pressure over time.
  • No leakage of filter water: so there will be no dirt problems at the bottom (constant problem in traditional systems).
  • Once the group setting has been removed, the compensator automatically adjusts for each delivery, resulting in savings on replacement parts.
  • Uniform extraction of coffee thanks to the stabilization of the working pressure.
  • Easy access to the maintenance unit through the top panel fixed with just two screws.
  • Bomb Ulka EP4FM's 20 bars (Prepare coffee like in bars!)
  • 2 liter water tank
  • 145 ° C safety thermostat

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