FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


The products and flavors that we currently have are the ones you see on the web. We have some other flavors depending on the formats but they are for bulk purchases.

If the product you have chosen is “Available”Means you are ready to buy and deliver.

Yes it's in "Waiting List» or Available to reserve” means it is in production. You can buy it and when it arrives it will be distributed according to the order of orders. This could take between half a month and a month.

Nap "Exhausted" you can contact us and ask when we will have it again.


You can pay your order by:

Credit Card (Recommended) - Your order is processed currently. The system used is Redsys, completely secure, since the payment is made in your environment.

Stripe (Cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay) - Your order is processed currently. With total security and within our website.

Bank Transfer - Your order will not be processed until we have received the money in our bank account. You can pass us your transfer ticket to speed up the process, if you wish.

Payment with your Cryptocurrencies – Your payment will be received instantly with the payment through Coinbase, when the transfer arrives through the blockchain (it will depend on the currency you use to pay), we will process your order. Don't worry, these transfers don't usually take more than a day, so your order would go out the next day.

Financing. Just this one available in SPAIN, for the moment. – Make your request by selecting “Financing” inside the checkout, when you fill in your details, you will be redirected to the «Aplazame» where you can choose payment terms according to your convenience. The financing company will only ask for your ID and will tell you if it has been granted instantly.

COD payment is NOT possible.


If you have bought something by mistake, or there has been a mistake and you want your money back or product exchange, do not worry: Send us an email within 24 working hours to info@caffeboccadellaverita.es  or through our Contact Form.

Remember that the product must return exactly as we sent it, or at least correctly wrapped. We will give you the information when this happens.


Our promotions include the IVA in the price and the Transport It is in Spain - Except Balearic Islands, Canary Islands - and Italy. All promotional items, including mobile phones, are new, original, with all the manufacturer's warranties and created for the European market.

If you would like to change the coffee format of the purchased offer, contact us your wish and we will tell you if it is possible to include it in the same offer.


Purchases on our website can be made for ITALY y SPAIN. We currently have international shipping from Spain to any country in the European Union. Prices include VAT and transport is separate, you can see how much it costs in the cart or checkout when you enter your data. The company can change this at any time.

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More information in our GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE