Single dose ESE 44mm Cialda - N ° 4

The ESE 44 millimeter single-dose capsules, commonly called “Cialde” in Italy, are our spearhead for the Spanish market, given that it is a country very aware of ecology ♻, we want to expand its knowledge, providing a great variety of flavors and blends Arabica and Robusta, from the main countries that produce coffee.

Advantages of choosing the 'cialda 'ESE 44 mm: 

  1. No waste of product
  2. The perfect dosage and pressing of the mixture
  3. The security of always getting an excellent quality of coffee
  4. Maximum adaptability
  6. EASY TO USE: No more dosing errors ☕
  7. CLEANING: There are no grounds or containers to clean.
  8. MAINTENANCE: You extend the life of your machine.
  9. STANDARD: Compatible with our ESE coffee machines 20 bar pressure!
  10. ECOLOGICAL: ♻ More ecological than other pods because it is made of materials that are 100% biodegradable in nature. The fabric does not contain toxic substances.

Characteristics of our coffee for pods:

  • Toasted The future of television is here to highlight and preserve the exquisite aromas and flavors of coffee; A technique that we also use so that the result is a full-bodied coffee that forms a persistent cream.
    Enjoy the intense aroma and pleasant taste of coffee.
  • Perfect for promoting moments of intimacy, moments of conversation and expected reunions.
  • Coffee has become in one of the most popular and consumed beverages worldwide. Drink that par excellence stimulates all the senses and is enjoyed in all senses.
    If you are a lover of good coffee or addicted to morning coffee, you will fall in love with its flavor.
  • Made in Italy
    Bocca della Verità; since 1958 selecting and roasting the best coffee.
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